Sacred Oriental Dance

Sacred Oriental Dance is an invitation to your being to experience heart connection in joy and pleasure through movement.

In ancient times the body was considered a sacred temple. A place of prayer to the Gods, to unlock the hearts desires. They believed that the children who chose to come to Earth are blessings creators and miracles workers to inspire people.

The movement’s mission was to immerse the fetus in an oasis of safe haven in the mother’s belly.

Each exercise assists the mother in preparing for childbirth. A joyful coming to Earth free from any blockage of guilt or fears from ancestors. It was also used as a prayer to invite rain to harvest all the Earth’s goodness.

This dance does not care what shape or size you are or if you know how to move.

Each movement is a celebration of the beauty of our sacred divine nature. An offering of shining light to our existence. A time to be with ourselves, a time to reunite the body and the spirit.

Each movement is a symbol of creation, reconnection, attraction, manifestation, and reception.

Each circular movement brings you back to you by releasing a self-sabotage program, a karmic contract, mental pain expectation, ancestors imprints, so you can fill your energy centers with honors and embrace all your qualities.

The belly, the pelvis, and some parts of the shoulders hold many suppressed emotions, such as abandonment, regret, shame, guilt, fear, doubt, blame, accusation, criticism, stress, confusion, insecurity, poverty, etc., the negative memories of your ancestors.

So as you move and inhale, you offer those emotions a compassionate place, and then as you exhale, the emotions are free to be released to the light.

By releasing, you will be in the flow of receiving love and having ease with money; that is the gift.

Each movement is fun, entertaining, helps the posture by standing tall, helps feeling confident, helps to relax, helps our focus, offers flexibility, releases endorphins, a gentle
workout, embodies and roots love in the nervous system on a cellular level.

Some the highlights that you will learn:

Each class begins by sitting on the floor, inviting the body slowly in each movement to welcome us precisely as we are, for 25 minutes.

1. How to move your head from side to side

(Opening to Divine guidance.)
Going out of the limitation of the mind to the I Can allow magnificence into my life.

2. How to move the shoulders

(To bring back the lightness and the goodness of what we are.)
You will learn 4 different movements, the Lebanese, the bedouin, the Egyptian.

3. How to shimmy the hips

(Being in the flow of the go-getter.)
Opens the back to feeling safe, increases our vitality, ignites creativity the power, opens us up to receive.

4. The drops of the hips

(Feeling empowered, honored, in control, and bring back our essence.)
You will learn 3 different movements. Lebanese, Egyptian, Bedouin. To help us move from a competitive mindset to a cooperative one.

5. The arms, hands, and fingers

(The welcoming, the receiving, the victory.)
You will learn how to delicately move your beautiful hands, fingers and lifting the arms with grace to receive divine offerings for what the heart desires.

6. How to do figure 8

(The infinity, the beginning, the core, the essence.)
Create harmony between the feminine and the masculine sides. It helps to bring back to the center the infinite light in every situation.

7. How to do undulations of the pelvis

(The limitless, the sharing, the giving, the receiving, the attracting.)
You will learn to isolate each part of the body, beginning from the head to the hips as the long ocean wave. Fill yourself with love until you feel plentiful.


The dance …

Teaching sacred bellydance is a great source of happiness for me and my students. Come and communicate with the heart of your being and discover treasures full of love. They are just waiting to bring out your magnificence and your light.

In complete safety...

I was blessed to work with Dr. Jean Drouin and Dr. Paul Lépine. They guided me in the conception of a warm-up period that would prevent injuries. The techniques were developed for each level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. They allow the body to receive the teachings safely. I am very grateful for their precious advices and their generosity.
Here is a beautiful video of me dancing bellydance, made during an oriental party:

Now I invite you to explore the language of your body and soul with sacred oriental dance.

Welcome to a world of beauty!



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