Therapeutic Care

Three words can sum up the benefits of therapeutic touches: release, awakening and reconnection.

  • Release of the weight of past heaviness that creates blockages
  • Awakening sleeping energy
  • Reconnect with the full potential of your being

Whatever the problem you are experiencing, a therapeutic touch session will be beneficial on more than one level.

There are several approaches, Reiki being surely among the best known. Other techniques have been successfully developed, such as Chelason Therapeutic Touch, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Access the Bars. I use them to the delight of the people who consult me, in addition to using my own technique, BEKAA.



You will be empowered!
Improve different aspects of your life!

  • Reach your full potential
  • BE fulfilled and feel more confident.
  • Free yourself from the weight of your past.
  • Be calmer.
  • Enjoy more restful sleep.

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I use different recognized techniques.


I can access the light that lies calmly and patiently inside of you, just waiting to be unveiled.

We work together on the conscience and subconscious level to find a new solid foundation by eliminating old fears and beliefs that no longer serve you. We go back in time to discover and free past traumas that stick to our physical and mental body. It is by cutting through the mental, physical, emotional and energetic blocks, that you will learn to trust yourself. When filling our bodies with divine energy, our true nature is revealed. We reset our lives with a new vision; the vision of unlimited possibilities.

I believe :

  • We are all loved and important in the eyes of God.
  • We are all ONE with the source.
  • We are all directly connected to the source but our beliefs separate us.
  • We are all here to add light to the world.
  • We are all born to live a joyful and prosperous life.
  • We all have the power to choose our intentions, thoughts and actions.
Therapeutic counseling - maximum 1h : $ 225


The therapeutic care that I offer aims at the well-being in all aspects of your life. They are an invitation to connect with your light and awaken your divine DNA.
BEKAA is a very gentle energy treatment that bridges the conscious and the unconscious. It releases past emotions and calms stress and anxiety.