What is BEKAA?

BEKAA is a treatment that offers a very gentle energy “reset” for the physical body and the mental body.

It is a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, the past and the present, the mind and the nervous system.

It is an accelerator that allows the release of unresolved emotions, their sources, their beliefs and their programs.

This treatment uses the hands in pairs, totaling 45 sequences of touches, on the head, face and body.

It sends currents of calm between 2 locations to harmonize them emotionally, release them from stress, release them from anxiety and to restore vitality to the body.

It provides an energetic stimulation that offers great relaxation to the nervous system and sends a message to the brain that says: “Relax, everything is fine, you are safe”.

This treatment can be practiced in the presence, at a distance and on oneself.

BEKAA, therapeutic touches
The art of freeing oneself in all simplicity with God

The awakening of the divine DNA, towards Glory and Riches from all points of view.

BEKAA is a technique of series of sacred and inspired points on the head, face and body. With several influences, I developed my own technique, which I named Bekaa. This word refers to my name and it is also the name of a city in Lebanon, which is a city of wealth. It is a rich treatment, imbued with an energy of prosperity. It awakens the DNA that has not been used, the part that is asleep. It is a form of therapeutic touch and the interventions are practiced at the level of the face, the head and the 39 Doors of Light.


Whether you give or receive a BEKAA, this is what manifests:

  1. To feel the imprint and the presence of God in the person who gives and the person who receives the care, allowing only the will of God to manifest itself.
  2. The nativity of the feminine and the sacred masculine in absolute purity and bliss. You are inhabited by the face of a being of love and goodness.
  3. Awaken and revive your infinite, unlimited and colorful fountain of your heavenly treasures and your divine nature
  4. A joyful, soothing, comforting art that draws the heart of God on your head and face and on the 21 Chakras of your body. A baptism of light to your lived reality.
  5. Through positions and shapes, from the 10 fingers on the head and face, your DIVINE DNA is resurrected within you while you live on earth.
  6. These sequences and forms on the points touched activate and amplify your gifts and your creativity, in addition to raising your consciousness and facilitating the success of your projects.
  7. These points are doors to emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs, conscious or unconscious (such as sadness, loneliness, exhaustion, physical and emotional discomfort, rage, anger, bitterness, hatred, blame, shyness, curled up moment, blockage, relationship with authority, manipulation, control).
  8. By cleansing, sweeping away and releasing all impacts influenced by shame, guilt, blame, criticism, judgment, fear, and all that has been passed down from our ancestors and the mosaic of their beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions through genes (war, famine, battle, disease, curse) will be purified through bright light.
  9. Towards the neutral, which facilitates metamorphosis, where “neither bad nor good, neither fair nor unfair, neither true nor false, neither love nor hate” exists.
  10. Through fingers filled with affection, compassion, kindness and purity like bits of amber gold that melt and dissolve all that is other than divine perfection.
  11. It is a series of hand and finger positions using shapes that represent the divine nature of your being in many ways such as prosperity, ease, lightness, flexibility, happiness, love, peace , joy, freedom, grace, light, sacred fire, mercy, calm, blessing, tenderness, kindness, generosity, delicacy and bliss.
  12. Having the feeling that you owe nothing to anyone, nothing to justify or explain.
  13. Having absolute faith in God revives faith in oneself and equals “reviving all abilities, skills and gifts”.
  14. To be the light of our world and the light of the world.


Three words can sum up the benefits of therapeutic touches: release, awakening and reconnection.

  • Release of the weight of past heaviness that creates blockages/li>
  • Awakening sleeping energy
  • Reconnect with the full potential of your being

The therapeutic care that I offer aims to improve your well-being in all aspects of your life. They are an invitation to connect with your light and awaken your divine DNA.

Whatever the problem you are experiencing, a therapeutic touch session will be beneficial on more than one level.

I invite you to make an appointment for a therapeutic touch session or a consultation. I use different recognized approaches that have proven their worth. You can see my professional development by CLICKING HERE.

Our mission

We often ask ourselves: What is my mission here, on earth? Why am I here?

One of our missions on earth is to observe our thoughts and ask ourselves the question: “Does my thought help me?” Does it help the earth, does it help human beings, does it help God”?

Our mission is to recognize, to remember that we are the darling child of God, at all times, and especially when life seems difficult and hopeless, when we almost no longer feel like moving forward or get up in the morning.


Energy healing and release

It is with great pleasure that I present to you some of my students trained in the BEKAA approach, who in turn offer divine BEKAA treatments.



The therapeutic care that I offer aims at the well-being in all aspects of your life. They are an invitation to connect with your light and awaken your divine DNA.
BEKAA is a very gentle energy treatment that bridges the conscious and the unconscious. It releases past emotions and calms stress and anxiety.