With a heart filled with joy...

It is with a heart filled with joy that I work to improve your physical and inner well-being by providing therapeutic care. I have various approaches, among others; the Bekaa technique which I developed myself. If you are looking to feel better at all levels as well as to find happiness again, and live a healthy and fulfilling life, I invite you to come and meet with me.

I also draw my joy in Sacred Orientale Dancing (baladi), which I teach in Quebec City. Discover Ikaa, a type of meditation through movements, which is the extension / continuity of the Oriental Dancing as I teach it. If your heart sings and you would like to be mesmerized by the world of Oriental Dancing, come and explore my own treasure trove. You will find veils, shawls and miscellaneous accessories to embellish your body and life.

It is with great joy that I invite you to our next meditation session or spiritual retreat. Come and experience a liberation and reconnect with the divine possibilities of your being.

I also share with you my passion for Lebanon, my country of origin, with different videos and literature.

My joy is your joy. Welcome to my universe

Bernadette Khalil